Did you know that the average American household is enrolled in 18 loyalty programs? Loyalty programs are available through a wide array of organizations including credit card companies, industry associations, insurance companies, motor clubs, and even your local gym. Here are a few programs that offer a number of discounts and benefits.

AARP , discounts at 15,000 restaurants
MasterCard Marketplace , 21,586 offers
AAA , discounts at 160,000 locations nationwide
Foursquare , exclusive deals and discounts at participating restaurants and venues

These programs offer a tremendous amount of value to customers, but there are a couple of concerns. No one knows what they are entitled to and there is no practical way to use the benefits. With so many benefits and discounts available, it can be difficult to find the discounts you want, when you want them. That’s where UseMyBenefits.com comes in.

Usemybenefits.com will be a community driven website, allowing members to rate and share their experiences with others. When you want to make a purchase, you query UseMyBenefits’s Search Engine to find out whether you have a benefit applicable to that purchase. UseMybenefits.com helps you save money, while getting the best deals in real-time with ease.

UseMyBenefits.com is a resource for members of various programs to find the hidden values, discounts, and benefits in their loyalty, perks and rewards programs. All benefits will be housed in one easy-to-use dashboard enabling members to organize benefits by type, location, vendor and more.
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