Does it seem like it’s harder and harder to get your money’s worth out of your loyalty programs? Many customers feel like loyalty programs no longer reward loyalty, but have become a marketing tool.

It seems like there are a lot of discount, loyalty and rewards programs available, but the question really is about the value they provide.
Here’s a simple test: when was the last time you logged into your program’s website to find a discount? When was the last time you used a perk?
Do you value product discounts over airline miles? Do you want more promotions, or do you prefer to wait longer for larger pay-outs? If you have high grocery bills, find a program that offers 3 points per dollar at grocery stores, or one where you earn airline miles for groceries.
If you aren’t getting the value you want, maybe the program you chose isn’t the right one for you. Using this guide, you can look for a different program.
Once you know what you are really getting value from, consider signing up for a free service like UseMyBenefits to get easier access to all your discounts and benefits. You can go to the website and leave your email address to get informed of the launch date.