If you really like a business, chances are you are a member of their loyalty program. If you are not, maybe it is time to consider. Advantages of loyalty cards are not lacking, and brands are getting better at how they market and leverage their loyalty programs to give you the best possible rewards.
History of Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs are not a new concept. The idea was simple: encourage consumers to repetitively shop by rewarding their loyalty. The concept of points was introduced in 1896, but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that loyalty programs really started to take shape. Today there are a multitude of programs, including frequent flier miles, moviegoer rewards, restaurant loyalty punch cards and mobile apps stocked with personalization and gamification.
Types of Loyalty Programs
Points system loyalty programs are pretty straightforward; earn points then redeem them on future purchases, or cardholder specials.
Then, there are recognition-based rewards that combine quick rewards to influence your behavior while doing something to make you feel recognized as a consumer of the brand.
Finally, there are preference-based programs, which provide rewards based on consumer spending habits rather than collecting points.
Advantages of Loyalty Programs
There is one primary advantage to rewards programs: similar to signing up for emails, or Liking a Facebook page to receive additional coupons and exclusive offers, you become a loyalty card member to get back what you invest in a company.
So, next time you are at a store you frequently purchase from, and the cashier asks, Have you signed up for our rewards program? consider signing up.


Finding Rewards Made Simple
A disadvantage to loyalty programs is the lack of context around rewards. Most companies post monthly rewards to their websites, but do not notify members about new deals. This is why billions of dollars in rewards go unutilized every year.
How do you find the rewards you are eligible for? Well, you can scour through site after site to find rewards only to find out you may not be eligible for those specific ones, or you can sign up for UseMyBenefits.com
With UseMyBenefits.com, you enter your rewards and loyalty programs into our system , no account numbers or passwords needed , and we help you find the deals based on your interests. That way, your information stays private and you never miss a chance to save money!
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