Everyone wants time and money, two hot commodities that are hard to hold onto. With busy schedules and daily expenses your budget can easily get thrown out the window. With the holiday season almost here it’s essential to start finding ways to save.

Here are a few creative ways you can start spending less right now:

  • Use existing loyalty benefits and rewards to uncover discounts wherever you are. Depending on your memberships you can find exclusive access to your favorite concert tickets with Citi card,culinary discounts when you use your MasterCard and big savings on cruise vacations when you use your American Express card. Get creative in the kitchen, and do more with less. For example, try recipes from Food Network’s $10 dollar dinners. Cook from scratch instead of using premade products that are often marked up for convenience. Make it a challenge to see what you can make with using only the ingredients in your fridge.
  • Buy less stuff and skip impulse shopping. Saving up for important purchases like investing in a new home will give you more gratification long term than a new pair of shoes.
  • Track where your money goes each month. There are a ton of free online programs like insureyourincome.com, or mint.com that will help you organize your finances and outline what you spend your money on each month.
  • UseMyBenefits is a new service created for one reason only, to save you time and money. We help you use the discounts you’re entitled to from the membership programs that you’re apart of. Using the discounts you already have allows you to do the things you want for less. Who doesn’t want that? It only takes a few minutes to set up an account plus it’s free to join so you can start saving whenever, wherever.
    What creative ways do you save money?