Sightseeing, exotic foods, new cultures, and exploring. What’s not to love about traveling abroad? Well, there is one thing that isn’t so favorable for most, and that’s the high cost of travel.
Although traveling abroad can be an expensive adventure, it’s one many people desire to experience. In a down economy it’s important to know where you can save, and how to stick to your budget. Although most people don’t use the words travel and budget in the same sentence, we’re here to say it can be done. Here are a few ways to make your trip abroad as cost efficient as possible.
  • Veer off the beaten path instead of sticking to the touristy spots that most travelers have grown

    accustom to. Cheaper hotels and restaurants can often be found down the road less traveled. You’ll walk away with more than money in your pocket but also a truer taste of the culture, food and people.

  • Pass on calling cards, they can rack up tons of unwanted costs during your trip. When you’re traveling abroad use Skype to make free internet calls home. There are also budget friendly smartphone apps like Tango which offer free video and voice calls, texts and photo sharing.
  • Take advantage of your loyalty programs. For example, American Express offers great travel discounts that you can redeem around the world. Whether you’re London bound, or heading to places like Madrid, Venice or Dublin there are many discounts to be had. American Express member deals include 20% off your entire stay, free hotel nights, free Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast.
  • Embrace local food, and avoid western fare. Local eateries will often cost less than western world food. Plus you’ll get to experience new flavors and foods you may not have experienced before.
  • Use travel apps to save while you’re abroad. Use Free Wi-Fi Finder for your iPhone to search for the nearest free or cheap hotspots anywhere in the world. Another money saving favorite isXE Currency app which helps you convert foreign prices to dollars when you’re in a pinch.
Traveling abroad can be pricey if you don’t know where and how to save. Use these travel tips next time you’re gliding through Venice or tasting your way through Italy. Coming home after traveling abroad is so much sweeter with money in your pocket.
Have you used any of these tips to save while you travel abroad? Share how you’ve saved in the comments below.