You may be asking yourself, what is loyalty program? Companies create loyalty programs to increase brand loyalty with their customers. In a competitive marketplace companies know you have options when you go shopping. They want to help you find the best deal while still earning your business by [participating in their programs. Loyalty program defined: a member’s only group that provides rewards to encourage customer loyalty. For example, American Express has a loyalty rewards program that offers cash and point based rewards. If you use your American Express card on vacation you may get 20% off your hotel stay, a free rental car and even perks like discounted concert tickets.

However, loyalty programs can sometimes be hidden and hard to find. Are you registered in a loyalty program that you don’t even use? Rewards programs are many times offered through credit cards, social applications, nonprofit groups and auto insurance programs. All loyalty programs are different, offering different benefits and different reward structures. Some companies offer cash, others give company credit and some have a point system.

Many consumers are missing out on benefits they deserve because they are not aware of them. A 2011 MSN Money report found that $16 billion in rewards go unused each year. At that is exactly what we want to fix. We help you better understand the world of loyalty programs so you can use the benefits you are owed. is a resource for members of various programs to find the hidden values, discounts, and benefits in their loyalty, perks and rewards programs, as well as other groups and associations. All benefits are housed in one, central place online, so you will be able to take advantage of them and save money. It’s a way to organize your loyalty benefits so you can start saving money.

When was the last time you took advantage of your loyalty rewards?