It is 2014, and the best way to save this year is to use the rewards you’ve earned with your credit cards and loyalty programs! With all of the points and rewards you accrued over the holiday shopping season, January should be a breeze. Here’s how to get the most out of your loyalty programs in 2014.

1. Know the rules Every card is different. Be sure you know the terms and services for each of your rewards cards, so you can get the most out of them. This leads us right into number two; 2. Know when your rewards points expire Knowing when and if your reward points expire is crucial to understanding your rewards program. No sense in earning the points if they expire before you use them because you were not aware of the expiration date. 3. Take advantage of bonus earnings Bonus earnings are an easy way to increase your points and cash back rewards. Research your cards’ bonus earnings and be sure to use them to save more! 4. Avoid redeeming for merchandise Points hold a higher value than what the redeem for merchandise section of a credit card or loyalty card site would like you to believe. According to CBS News, instead of redeeming 20,000 points for that iPod which only costs $150, make your points worth more than pennies on the dollar by crediting your bill, or use them towards airfare. 5. Compare rewards offers So you have multiple credit cards, groups, loyalty cards and associations. Compare your reward offers for each category. You may wish to pay off and get rid of the ones that do not have offers that meet your interests and needs. 6. Where can you go to look at all of your eligible benefits from your cards in one place? is the place to go to streamline your research on card offers, rewards, and points.

With Use My Benefits, you can search for benefits that interest you. While you may not find ones that you are eligible for, we will tell you which cards and groups offer similar rewards. Rewards based what you want to buy, when and where you want to buy it. Get the most out of your loyalty programs in 2014 and leverage to help in the process.