In January of last year, predicted that 2013 would be the year of the loyalty program, and it turned out to be true! Loyalty programs appeared throughout the year for everything from retail to frozen yogurt purchases. Loyalty trends of 2014 will be growth and improvement. This growth creates better benefits for the end user, you! Loyalty Gets Personal A loyalty program trend last year was the use of personalization. In some instances, personalization has gotten too personal; that’s why in 2014, marketers will be using customer insights to provide rewards based on your preferences. Using customer data to determine where, how and when you, as the consumer, like being contacted is important for brands to have a successful customer centric loyalty program. Mobile Mobile is an increasingly important play for marketers. After all, nearly half of all Americans sleep with their smartphones next to the bed. While most brands should be on mobile with their loyalty programs, some brands are using data collected from customers to determine if it is their best course of action or wait for the next big technological innovation. This impacts you as the loyalty subscriber because your program may be stuck in what feels like the dark ages of the pre-smartphone Internet. If you favorite brands are still using punch cards, though, then you have a problem. Navigating through the Loyalty Programs With the 2014 loyalty trends more about the maturation of existing programs versus creating new ones, you may feel a bit lost in the shuffle. That is where UseMyBenefits come into play. Your loyalty program may have a hard time keeping you up-to-date about your benefits and rewards during changes in how format, device and benefits. allows you to select your credit cards, loyalty programs, groups and associations, without giving you cardholder information, then tells you about your deals based on your interests. Don’t wait to use your rewards until marketers are done perfecting their loyalty program.