Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate your love and devotion to your significant other. It also generally means a pricey dinner date. If you are looking for inspired Valentine’s Day date ideas, look no further; whether you are looking for budget-friendly, active, or laid back ways for you to avoid the overcrowded restaurant, we’ve got you covered. Huffington Post suggests you play hooky and be a tourist in your own city. Many of us tend to get caught up in routine , we eat at the same restaurants and go to the same establishments. Break out of your habits and get reacquainted with your city and your partner. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, and while we would never condone skipping out on work, playing hooky is a great way to create extra time to spend together. Enjoy breakfast in bed, map out art galleries, explore botanical gardens and any other special interests in your city , go on a hometown adventure! Recreating your first date is a romantic way to link the past with the present. Did you go to a drive-in or talk over coffee? You can either go to the location, or you can go the extra mile and set it up at home, like Steve Carell did in Crazy, Stupid Love. Dancing is intimate, it is also fun and a great workout. Put on your dancing shoes and take a dance class together. Worried about your two-left feet tripping you up on the dance floor? Tackle something on your bucket list. If you and your significant other have common goals on your bucket lists, take on a challenge and accomplish one of them. Not only will you be inspired to continue to cross items off of your respective lists, but you will also be happy you did one together. Decorate with not-so-candy hearts! Make origami hearts out of construction paper, the more colorful the better. Then write your sweet nothings, inside jokes and pet names on each. Turn it into something fun by creating a scavenger hunt. Put clues on every red one that will lead him/her to the location of the next red one. Make the locations meaningful by incorporating your first date location, first kiss, etc. into the mix of where the hearts can be found. If it is too last minute, or the good old-fashioned dinner date is still your favorite, sign up for We can help you find great deals for restaurants and other date venues offered by your credit and rewards cards as well as Foursquare deals in your area. That way, you can treat your love to a great Valentine’s Day without overspending. Do you have a great Valentine’s Day date idea? Share it with us in the comments below!