Everyone wants to have a good credit score; it makes life easier when trying to buy a car or a house, or to open a business. A good credit score can also come with lower interest rates and special offers on the things that matter. Most people do not know the additional advantages of credit cards, including the benefits that come along with good credit behavior. Going beyond the need for a good credit score, what other perks are there to having a credit card? We thought you’d never ask! Here are some of our favorite benefits of credit cards. Rewards Today, there are very few credit cards that do not offer benefits to their customers. Some credit cards offer rewards points, which you can redeem for products, gift cards, or discounts on airline flights. Others reward you with cash. Which do you prefer, points or cold hard cash? Reap Discounts and Benefits Many credit card companies partner with major retailers to offer their customers discounts. This is a win-win for all participants because cardholders get the discounts, the retailers get more business, and the credit card company retains their customers’ loyalty by offering these discounts. For example, the DiscoverÑ?дН it cash back card offers up to 25% cashback at some retailers, including the Apple Store, Macy’s, and BestBuy.com. Costco Warehouse Stores only accept American Express as credit card payment. This partnership gives the AMEX cardholder a feeling of exclusivity and makes the credit card company more attractive to Costco members. Beyond the Discounts Credit cards also offer an array of extra benefits, beyond the discounts, that provide a sense of security to cardholders. Have to cancel your flight? Some credit card companies will reimburse your nonrefundable tickets if you used their card to purchase. Traveling with your guitar? Don’t end up like this guy, see if your credit card offers baggage insurance in the planning stages of your next trip. Credit cards often go an extra mile to offer peace of mind, although as a cardholder you may not be aware ofit. Knowledge is power. If used wisely, credit cards can be a powerful asset. Work towards improving your credit score. Paying your bills on time and staying below your credit limit are important steps to take to keep a good credit score. Knowing the rewards, discounts and benefits of your card is where we come in. A UseMyBenefits membership is designed to help you discover rewards, discounts and other benefits available with your credit cards. The best part, we don’t require any of your credit card information! Just select your cards and interest groups, and we will show you eligible rewards. What is your favorite credit card benefit?