Have you ever found yourself asking What is a great way to save money? . Some of the typical answers to that question would be to cut back on electricity or to save change in a jar. These are not always the most effective ways and we tend to fall back into old spending habits. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the 10 best money saving tips for those that are looking to save money. Regardless of your reasons for saving money, this list will help you to reach your financial goal. 1. Get healthy ,
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Now this may seem silly, but those that eat healthy tend to spend less money on groceries due to the fact they eat smaller portions. At the end of the day your body and wallet will thank you. While you may think you are saving money when you buy prepared foods now, reallocating that money to healthier food habits will get you more food to last the entire week. 2. Cancel the gym membership- Today everyone is under the impression that in order to get in shape we must have an expensive gym membership or fancy exercise machines. A set of weights at home and a sturdy pair of running shoes can produce the same results as any expensive gym membership. Lack motivation? Enlist a friend as a running partner, or use visuals of goals and accomplishments to keep you going. 3.Take a cooking class.- It may seem like spending money on a cooking class is the complete opposite of saving money, but by investing money in learning how to cook, you will be saving money on expensive restaurant dining. 4. Skip happy hour- Bars love to draw in customers for happy hour as they are leaving work. Instead of joining all of your co-workers at the bar, invite your close work friends for a drink at your house. 5. Buy generic- Simple every day items like soap, shampoo, tissues, and lotion can all be found in a generic store brand version. These items may not have a known name brand, but use the same active ingredients. The main difference between generics and brand names other than the packaging? The filler ingredients. 6. Ebay it- If you haven’t realized it yet, it is 2014 and selling items online is easier then ever. With websites like Ebay.com and Craiglist.com, there is no excuse for you not to sell that extra toaster that has been sitting in the garage for years. 7. Shop Online- Shopping online is even easier than selling online. By shopping online, not only do you find the best deals at your fingertips, but also save a ton on gas expenses when your items are shipped right to your front door. 8. Use the local redbox.- The average cost of a movie ticket in 2013 was $8.05 and if you throw in movie theatre snacks you’re looking at close to $15 each time you go to see a movie. Redbox movie rentals only cost $1 per day for new releases fresh out of the theater. 9.Drink Water- Whether dining out or dining in, drinking water can help save money on expensive sodas and juices. 10.Use your credit card benefits , Credit cards offer a variety of cash back deals, points and offers for purchases. When going out to dinner or shopping, it is good to know which credit card offers you a reward or perk at a specific place. That’s where UseMyBenefits.com comes into play. UseMyBenefits allows you to select your credit card and membership groups and search interest topics to find deals that will match your needs, making it a saving haven. So, take that change out of the jar, and follow these 10 best money saving tips to take charge of your financial opportunities. What is your favorite money saving tip? Share with us in the comments below!