Summer. We’ve been dreaming of summer all winter, and throughout spring that winter held hostage, and finally it is within reach.


With the realization that summer is not too far behind, thoughts turn to packed bags, lazy poolside days and the warm relaxing thoughts of vacation, Until, the anxiety hits, How much will a summer vacation cost me this year? you say to yourself.

Before you lose your longing to escape this summer, take a deep breath and advice from us. Here are 15 tips to save on summer vacation:

Take a road trip. It is the classic summer vacation. Whether it’s across country, down the west coast or up the east coast, determine where you want to visit, hop in the car and go!

But, be selective about your vacation days. Look for deals surrounding holiday weekends, instead of traveling on holiday weekends. Nothing is worse than going to an overcrowded beach with a noisy hotel and paying top dollar to boot. Prices are often as much as $100 dollars cheaper when you travel the weekend before or after a holiday, and the stay will be more relaxing as well.

Also consider traveling midweek. Take the Tuesday through Thursday prior to the 4th of July. You will be leaving as the overpaying crowd is coming and your stay will be more enjoyable. After all, it is best to travel before July fourth because prices tend to be lower than throughout the month of July.

The summer vacation saving sweet spots are early June and late August , just after school ends and right before it begins.

Go for the hot spots, literally. Las Vegas, Arizona and Florida are popular destinations, but the heat tends to bring less summer travelers. Make it your gain and take advantage of great deals from these areas.

Use rewards, benefits and other credit card perks. Many credit card companies, and other groups and organizations you may be affiliated with, have partnerships with hotels, car rentals, airlines and cruises , everything from free upgrades to cash back. Instead of searching through multiple credit card company’s rewards pages, head to for a one-stop vacation research spot.

Sail away and take a cruise. What’s better than sailing the ocean? Not having mobile reception when you do. Cruises provide the perfect opportunity to unplug and decompress from the forever on world we live in. Worried about hurricane season, look into traveler’s insurance options.

Travel aboard. Summer time is a great time for bucketlist vacations. Have you always wanted to go to France? Is Italy more your scene? European vacations tend to be cheaper in the summer. Just make sure you do your research to find the best pricing options available.

Or, you can always try a stay-cation. You might be gasping in horror at the moment, but hear us out. Sometimes all you need is a slight change of scenery to feel refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the rest of the summer. Head to a semi-local bed and breakfast or a few hours outside of the city and go camping on the lake. You will be surprised at how even a stay-cation can be an experience.

If your heart is set on traveling outside of your local area, make it memorable by traveling with a group. Family reunions and multi-family trips are often more fun and give you a chance to really bond with family and friends. Consider renting lodging from owners. Sites like Airbnb allow you to rent from people in over 34,000 cities in 192 countries. With the photos and reviews, you know what you are getting into before you go.

Lastly, be sure to give the kids a budget. It is easy to say yes to anything your child desires while on vacation, only to come home to an exhausted bank account. By budgeting the kids, you set limitations on spending and save while teaching your kids to manage their money.

With these vacation savings tips you are ready to conquer the summer and make your summer vacation worth the wait.

What’s your favorite tip for saving on summer vacations?