By now you’ve probably heard all of the usual ways to save money after retirement. You’ve finally qualified for social security and cheaper movie tickets and we suspect that AARP has probably sent you the letter. But, chances are, there are some

hidden perks and benefits you have yet to discover. Many of them are hidden away in your wallet as part of consumer loyalty programs that you’ve been a part of for years. Here’s a quick look at what you could be missing that’ll help you live it up during retirement: Local Dining and Shopping Discounts Need an excuse to try out a new restaurant or boutique? Many consumer loyalty programs give you exclusive deals for shopping and dining out in cities all over the world. For example, Discover is offering a 5% cashback bonus on up to $1,500 in purchases when you use your card to shop online and at department stores from October to December 2014. New Experiences Whether you’re in a faraway land or just around the corner, many credit card and loyalty membership clubs provide access to exclusive experiences like a 24-hour pass to explore a one-of-a kind city by bicycle, concert tickets deals and even discounted access to luxury transportation. Travel Benefits In terms of membership card benefits, it’s not just about frequent flier miles anymore. It’s about getting upgraded rooms and amenities, later checkout times and concierge services. It’s also about getting the support you need when things don’t go as planned travel assistance, lost luggage replacement and rental car insurance. Your travel can be made a whole lot easier.


How It Works With UseMyBenefits, you can view all of your benefits from one place, so it’s easy to find what you need. Once you’ve added your membership loyalty programs and location, all you have to do is sign in and search. Just enter a keyword, such as restaurants or lost luggage and hit search to find deals near you. It’s that simple. See what benefits you could be missing out on. It’s free. >> UseMyBenefits Wants to Know What is the best perk you’ve received from a loyalty program?