Customer loyalty should not be like playing a game of chess. Yet frequently, loyalty rewards programs don’t work for the customer as much as it does for the business. With U.S. loyalty memberships in the billions and over 20 average loyalty programs, there comes a time to reevaluate your loyalty programs and cards. Here are five signs it’s time to reconsider your loyalty rewards program. 1. It’s Complicated Your loyalty program should not be complicated. With an overwhelming amount of qualifiers, we tend to ignore the reward all together. Why? Because the reward is never worth the hoops you have to go through to get it. Instead, stick with loyalty programs that clearly define their terms and conditions, what it takes to earn rewards, and that make it easy for you to redeem the reward you’ve earned. 2. Reaching for an Unattainable Threshold Climbing the invisible rewards mountain is time , and money , consuming. Some loyalty programs make your chances of actually earning a reward costly for you, which benefit them more than you because the reward never seems worth the cost. Instead, keep your tiered rewards programs , the ones that offer a variety of rewards that are attainable, relevant and meaningful to you. 3. Customer Service Leave Much to be Desired Poor customer service can sour the best loyalty program. Don’t waste time being loyal to a company that cannot provide something as simple as good customer relations. 4. What’s the Difference? When you can’t tell one loyalty rewards program from another, it may be time to reevaluate if either provide value. When brands compete, they tend to actually offer the exact same thing, which leaves you as the loyalist wondering, What’s the point? Instead, find loyalty programs that offer unique and interesting ways to save. 5. You are Your Email Address You’ve experienced this before. You sign up for the loyalty rewards program and the next thing you know, you are blasted with daily emails, snail mail and other too frequent interactions with the brand. They don’t care about your loyalty; you just became a client, someone who they can market to on a regular basis. Ditch the programs that only care about your email address or don’t send you emails that are directly related to why you’ve signed up for the loyalty program to begin with , namely for exclusive deals,

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