You’ve heard that the college years are supposed to be the greatest years of your life, but they can also be the toughest to deal with financially. Here are a few student budgeting tips to help you avoid debt and enjoy life:

Use Your Student Discount

When you’re a student, there are discounts available everywhere you turn at restaurants, movie theaters, electronics stores and more. If it isn’t posted, ask, and always carry your student ID. Also, you may want to check with your school about joining your alumni association early, so you can take advantage of additional perks and discounts.

Uncover Hidden Benefits

If you have a credit card, alumni association membership or a Foursquare account, you may perks available that are just waiting to be used. These can include valuable travel services and insurance, as well as discounts on airport parking, electronics, car insurance, dining and more. Sign up at to see what available to you.

Put Some Cash in Your Pocket

Set a spending limit each week or weekend, hit up the ATM, and set that money aside. This keeps your budget in full view, making it less likely that you’ll overspend. Also, it’s okay to keep a credit card in your wallet for emergencies as long as you remember that an extra round of drinks or a new pair of shoes are not emergencies.

Use Credit Wisely

To build your credit, consider making one recurring payment with a credit card every month just make sure you pay it off in full.

Become Gainfully Employed

It can be hard to balance work, life and school, but sometimes a job is necessary to support yourself and live the life you want. At the very least, you’ll make new friends and put a few bucks in your pocket. However, you could use this opportunity to look into work/study programs and internships anything that helps you make valuable connections or learn the skills you need to land a job after graduation.

Share the Cost

Transportation, housing, dinner it all gets a lot cheaper when you share it with someone else. So get a roommate, share a ride and eat at the cafeteria. It’s all part of the college experience. Don’t miss out on it.