I am happy to announce that in pursuit of its quest to become “The Google of Loyalty Program Benefits,” UseMyBenefits.com has now added MasterCard credit card benefits to our site. We have added the basic benefits that are generally available to holders of MasterCards of a particular category (Standard, World and World Elite). However, the benefits vary greatly. so card holders need to check with their financial institution to confirm and get details.


There are an impressive number of benefits available even to Standard master card holders.


Golfer? Take a look at the MasterCard Gets You Inside the Game benefit, including lessons from professional golfers, TPC course access and special golf related offers. Who knew?


Step up to a higher level MasterCard like World Elite, and you can find offers and experiences through MasterCard Priceless. This is (and has been) an innovative program focusing not so much on discounts and the like, but on experiences. There is even a charitable play.


Some of these are quite out of the ordinary. How about a before opening hours stint with a photographer at the Rose Mansion in New York? A photo promoting this benefit shows a smiling woman wearing heart shaped sunglasses, happily waving to the photographer while apparently swimming in a pool full of pink balloons. Don’t believe me? Click here: https://www.priceless.com/culinary/product/158123/rose-mansion.


A private cruise for up to 12 adults on a 60′ motor yacht around Miami (also available) might be suitable to a wider audience! As would saving money on fuel at Shell via MasterCard’s arrangements with Fuel Rewards Network, by dining at certain restaurants and grocery stores.


But, that’s up to the consumer. UseMyBenefits.com is hard at work to help the consumer find these offers and experiences, whatever his or her tastes may be.


A significant benefit is ID Theft Protection, to help cardholders detect and resolve identity theft, along with ID theft alerts..


Other benefits include car rental collision damage waiver insurance, extended warranty, price protection, purchase assurance (damage or theft), satisfaction guarantee, zero liability for unauthorized purchases, roadside assistance, Global Service (obtaining an emergency card replacement or cash advance), baggage delay Insurance, lost or damaged luggage insurance, hotel/motel burglary insurance, and travel accident insurance.  


There is fine print associated with all of the above, so take a look at them carefully. Not only can the benefits offered vary depending on the card issuer, but the terms and limitations can be different. But, you are paying for the benefits, so if you have a problem that may be covered, you may as well make use of the benefits if the situation permits.


Now that we have benefits from four major credit cards on our site (Visa, Amex, Discover and MasterCard) we will move on to other types of loyalty programs that offer substantial benefits. Please let us know (rbaker@usemybenefits.com) what cards and loyalty programs you would like to see on our site. Remember: our mission is to make it easier for you and millions of other consumers to find and use their benefits, where and when they need them.


All the best, RB

Note: UseMyBenefits.com is not affiliated with Google or MasterCard or any of the other cards mentioned above. The names and marks are those of their respective owners.