is happy to announce the addition of AAA* benefits to our site.

So what’s the big deal? Well, first, AAA is a large organization, claiming 58 million members.

Second, AAA has an extensive discount and benefit program providing discounts and benefits at more than 130,000 locations in North America.

Looking at, I see more than 96 AAA benefits within 10 miles of my ZIP Code in downtown West Palm Beach, 361 within 10 miles of downtown Washington DC. These range from discounts at UPS stores, discounts on automobile repairs, eye exams, restaurants, car and truck rentals, hotel rooms, luggage, candles and more.

Pop quiz # 1: how many ZIP Codes are there in the United States? Answer: 41,702.

Pop quiz # 2: What is the least populous ZIP Code in the US? Well, actually there are five ZIP Codes with a population of one: 05141 Cambridgeport Vermont, 67843 Fort Dodge Kansas, 98222  Blakely Island Washington,  88264 Maljamar New Mexico and 99790 Fairbanks, Alaska.

Pop quiz # 3: does display benefits within 10 miles of each of these ZIP Codes with a population of one? Answer: Yes.

Americans hold 3.8 billion loyalty program memberships, but 81% say they don’t know what their benefits are, or how or when to use them. Can help you and millions of other people take advantage of the discounts, free items, cash back, services and other benefits they are entitled to? That’s our mission: to be “The Google of Loyalty Program Benefits.”

Join us as we make it easy for consumers to use their benefits and pick up the billions of dollars worth of benefits they are entitled to, but can’t practically use. We don’t need your credit card and membership numbers and won’t sell your personal information.

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