is excited to announce that AARP ® Member Benefits have been added to our site.

AARP is a large organization, claiming 38 million members. Though focused on people over 50, people of any age can join. In any case, in terms of demographics, people over 50 are the most likely to participate in loyalty programs, with participation rates of 69-71% .

AARP has a substantial member benefits program, offering not just discounts, but access to all kinds of services as well. Looking at benefits within 10 miles of my zip code in West Palm Beach, Florida, I’m finding 200+ benefits, ranging from discounts at restaurants and hotels to eyeglasses, hearing aids and home insurance, to car buying and resume writing.

Interested in helping others in your community? AARP has a volunteer opportunities program called Create the Good, where you put in your interests and location, and matching volunteer opportunities are presented.

Who knew?, that’s who!  And, we make it easy for you to find and use AARP’s benefits, wherever in the US you are looking.

So, sign up and join us as we strive to become “The Google of Loyalty Program Benefits,” making it easy for you to find and use the credit card and other loyalty program benefits you are entitled to, when and where you need them.

Remember, we won’t sell or share your personal information, nor do we need your credit card or membership numbers, and our service is free to consumers.

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