Ever imagine that your college alumni association has a loyalty program offering discounts and other benefits? I’ll bet it does, and that there are valuable benefits that alumni (and in some cases, students, faculty and staff) could be using…

If only there were a frictionless way to get at them, when and where you need them.

Enter UseMyBenefits.com, with Florida Atlantic University Alumni Association and Owl Perks Card benefits now on our site. FAU has an extensive benefits program, those related to the Boca Raton Campus being on the site at the moment, other campuses (and other colleges and universities) to come.

Looking at FAU benefits within 10 miles of the Boca campus zip code, there are 70+ FAU benefits available, ranging from discounts on auto insurance to Dell computers, aromatherapy to golf courses, fitness classes to restaurants and retailers, even free blood testing at a direct primary care facility!

Who knew? UseMyBenefits.com, that’s who.

So please join us in our quest to become “The Google of Loyalty Program Benefits,” by going to our site www.usemybenefits.com, signing up and seeing what you have the right to, but aren’t using. Remember, we don’t need our credit card or membership numbers, and won’t sell or share your personal information.

For more information, if you would like to see your college’s benefits (or benefits offered by other organizations) on our site, or for investor information, email me at rbaker@usemybenefits.com. RB

Note, UseMyBenefits.com is not affiliated with FAU, Google or any other company mentioned above or on our site. Any trademarks are the property of their owners.