“UseMyBenefits.com can help,” says Riley Kaminer in Refresh Miami’s newsletter.

UseMyBenefits is reaching out to prospective partners – companies that can add the benefit information UMB can provide, to enhance what the partners provide to their customers. GPS Navigation apps, rideshare companies, and many more. This is a true “win, win, win, win” situation. It benefits the partner, its customers, the loyalty programs, and the vendors where the benefits can be used.

And, of course, UMB is the key to holding the chain together.

Example: Take a rideshare car to a restaurant, and get 5% cash back on your ride using the correct credit card in your wallet. Partnered with UMB, the rideshare company takes you there AND tells you that you get 10% off at the restaurant because of your auto club membership, AND 5% cash back on your restaurant bill by using another of your credit cards to pay. Oh, and of course, you get 5% cash back on your ride home.

Think I am making this up? Nope. Based on my own cards and memberships. Email me and I will prove it.

Not an advertisement. Personalized info based on your cards and memberships.

And all you did was tell the rideshare company where you wanted to go. Multiple benefits available to you at one destination, exactly when you can use them, without even having to initiate a search.

Heck, you’re paying for the benefits, why not use them? The friction is gone. Enjoy the benefits.

Comments? Suggestions? Questions?
Contact me at rbaker@usemybenefits.com.
Robin Baker, CEO, UseMyBenefits.com

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