3110, 2014

Student Budgeting 101: How to Keep Your Spending in Check and Still Have a Life

You’ve heard that the college years are supposed to be the greatest years of your life, but they can also be the toughest to deal with financially. Here are a few student budgeting tips to help you avoid debt and enjoy life:

Use Your Student Discount

When you’re a student, there are discounts available everywhere you turn […]

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110, 2014

When Loyalty Becomes Disloyal: 5 Signs it’s Time To Reconsider Your Loyalty Rewards Program

Customer loyalty should not be like playing a game of chess. Yet frequently, loyalty rewards programs don’t work for the customer as much as it does for the business. With U.S. loyalty memberships in the billions and over 20 average loyalty programs, there comes a time to reevaluate your loyalty programs and cards. Here are […]

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2409, 2014

Live It Up After You Retire with Consumer Loyalty Programs

By now you’ve probably heard all of the usual ways to save money after retirement. You’ve finally qualified for social security and cheaper movie tickets and we suspect that AARP has probably sent you the letter. But, chances are, there are some

hidden perks and benefits you have yet to discover. Many of them are […]

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1407, 2014

5 Ways to Save on Your Family Road Trip

The family road trip; one of the most exciting, adventurous and memorable summer vacations. Whether it is a cross-country road trip or a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway, road trips with the family are a great way to spend quality time together away from the hustle and bustle of hectic daily lives.

It’s important to […]

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1106, 2014

Frugal Living Ideas: Throwing a Fun 4th of July Party

Fourth of July festivities can be expensive. Between the food, fun and fireworks, Americans spend billions on their Independence Day barbecues and parties. Every year, it makes us cringe. We want to throw a fun shindig, but don’t want to spend the money to do so. And, you shouldn’t have to. With these frugal living […]

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1205, 2014

15 Tips to Save on Your Summer Vacation.

Summer. We’ve been dreaming of summer all winter, and throughout spring that winter held hostage, and finally it is within reach.

With the realization that summer is not too far behind, thoughts turn to packed bags, lazy poolside days and the warm relaxing thoughts of vacation, Until, the anxiety hits, How much will a summer […]

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1404, 2014

The 10 Best Money Saving Tips

Have you ever found yourself asking What is a great way to save money? . Some of the typical answers to that question would be to cut back on electricity or to save change in a jar. These are not always the most effective ways and we tend to fall back into old spending […]

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1803, 2014

Benefits of Credit Cards

Everyone wants to have a good credit score; it makes life easier when trying to buy a car or a house, or to open a business. A good credit score can also come with lower interest rates and special offers on the things that matter. Most people do not know the additional advantages of credit […]

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1802, 2014

Spring Break Destinations

Can you believe it? Spring break is right around the corner! School is out for a full week and it is a great time to take a trip with the family to bond and have fun. If you haven’t made your plans yet, check out these family-friendly spring break destinations!

If you are tired of the […]

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302, 2014

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate your love and devotion to your significant other. It also generally means a pricey dinner date. If you are looking for inspired Valentine’s Day date ideas, look no further; whether you are looking for budget-friendly, active, or laid back ways for you to avoid the overcrowded restaurant, we’ve […]

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Refresh Miami – Not Getting the Most Out Of Your Loyalty Program Benefits?

September 29th, 2022|Comments Off on Refresh Miami – Not Getting the Most Out Of Your Loyalty Program Benefits?

“UseMyBenefits.com can help,” says Riley Kaminer in Refresh Miami’s newsletter.

UseMyBenefits is reaching out to prospective partners – companies that can add the benefit information UMB can provide, to enhance what the partners provide to their […]

FAU Research Daily Article – UseMyBenefits

August 18th, 2022|Comments Off on FAU Research Daily Article – UseMyBenefits

UseMyBenefits is moving forward in its quest to make it easy for Americans to find and use their personal credit card and loyalty program benefits, when and where they need them. 

A recent article in the […]

Exciting News – UseMyBenefits.com One of Top 7 Startup Companies Selected

June 21st, 2022|Comments Off on Exciting News – UseMyBenefits.com One of Top 7 Startup Companies Selected

We are excited to share that UseMyBenefits.com is one of the top 7 startup companies selected to participate in the Florida Atlantic University Tech Runway Venture Class 9 Startup Accelerator Program.

We don’t understand why you […]

UseMyBenefits.com Adds Florida Atlantic University Benefits

December 2nd, 2019|Comments Off on UseMyBenefits.com Adds Florida Atlantic University Benefits

Ever imagine that your college alumni association has a loyalty program offering discounts and other benefits? I’ll bet it does, and that there are valuable benefits that alumni (and in some cases, students, faculty and […]