So many benefits, so little time.


It is impossible to sort through the endless array of discounts and perks available to you when and where you’re ready to use them. UseMyBenefits allows you to create a customized benefits page based solely on the reward programs, groups and associations you have joined. Your benefits are housed in one central location and accessible only by you. Whether you search in advance for a great deal on a special weekend getaway or check out a possible discount available after you’ve arrived at your favorite restaurant, UseMyBenefits helps you easily take advantage of any perk you’re entitled to, right then and there.




Here’s how it works:



Go to Join Now to sign up for a free membership with UseMyBenefits



From our list of organizations, please select the ones you are associated with. No account numbers or passwords are needed. If an organization is not listed, but you think it should be, please let us know as we are continously adding new organizations and benefits.



Once your signup is complete, start searching! Search for benefits and discounts based on your plans and interests, in your preferred location.



That’s all! You are ready to start using the benefits you found and take advantage of the savings you are entitled to!


On the go? Use our mobile site, just enter on your mobile device, to take advantage of your membership wherever you’re headed or happen to be. UseMyBenefits gives you the freedom to choose which benefit you claim based on what, when and where you want to buy , not on what someone else wants to sell you. And coming soon, you’ll be able to make decisions about the true value of a benefit from the ratings and experiences of the entire UseMyBenefits community. Join now and start enjoying your benefits today!